What information will MyBrand-Rx need from me?
MyBrand-Rx will need to confirm the address that you would like your medication(s) shipped to, we will need to secure your copay via credit card or PayPal, and we may need to verify your prescription insurance coverage.  Please call us at (888) 850-5455 to provide this information so that we may provide you with prompt service. 

How long will it take to receive my medications?
Once we have confirmed your shipping address, processed your copay and any required prior-authorizations by your insurance company, you can expect your medication(s) to ship within 24-hours.

Can I use MyBrand-Rx for my other prescriptions?
Yes.  MyBrand-Rx can handle most of your medication fulfillment needs.  Simply ask your physician to fax your prescription to (855) 899-4090 or if e-prescribing, find us under Arrow Pharmacy MyBrandRx (zip code 06032) in their e-prescribing software.

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